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Osborn J, Cole A

"Teaching About Patients with Complexity"

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Validation of PCAM domains in a survey of patients with diabetes, coronary heart disease and COPD.

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PCAM (then called MECAM) was tested in the context of a preventative screening program in Scotland. This mixed methods prospective cohort study undertook face validation testing, conducted preliminary external validity testing, piloted implementation, and conducted a case study in a population of known complexity.  Three primary care sites in areas of high deprivation in Scotland participated.  The research found PCAM offered much promise as an assessment of complexity that identifies biopsychosocial complexity, and supports clinician decision making to address those needs. With training and practice it can be easily integrated into nurse led health checks.  PCAM appeared to offer good potential to support collaborative and integrated consultations, and may increase the referral of patients to a wider range of resources. The full report of this research (including methods) can be found below.


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Current Research

A program of work on the implementation, impact on health outcomes and validation work is ongoing. This website is under ongoing development and will be updated with key links to peer review articles, research reports and materials to support training.

Patient Centered Assessment Method [PCAM] Online:

Bringing the social determinants of health into primary care