Here you will find our current collection of training materials we created to train practitioners in how to use PCAM and conduct PCAM assessments. A training manual and powerpoint presentation are in development and will be put up as soon as they are completed. 

PCAM Training Powerpoint

Coming soon

PCAM Training Manual

Coming soon

Case Studies

This set of eight patient cases can be used to practice conducting PCAM assessments.

Case Studies with completed PCAM

These offer a look at what a completed PCAM looks like for an actual patient.

Here you will find resources for conducting PCAM research. We will continue to add resources as they are developed.

PCAM for Research

This PCAM tool contains research scoring numbers in each section to aid in conducting research with PCAM assessments.

Resources for PCAM Users

This page contains a number of documents you are welcome to download and use. As we continue to conduct trainings and develop materials, we will add resources to this page. We invite you to contact us with your ideas and suggestions to improve our resources.

Here you will find tools and documents to conduct PCAM Assessments.

PCAM Tool.

PCAM Assessor Guide

This guide offers suggestions for the types of questions to ask for each of the PCAM sections.

PCAM Quick Card

A short quarter page pocket guide to the PCAM domains you may find helpful as you master using PCAM.

Resources for Researchers

​​​Training Materials

Patient Centered Assessment Method [PCAM] Online:

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